Lil Nas X and Kevin Hart Homosexuality Hate Debate ; Part 2 on #WELAGENTE

Kevin Hart is attacked again by the cancel culture media for asking Lil Nas X when asked to explain why he grew up to hate gay people meanwhile he came out as gay at his peak of popularity.

Lil Nas X and Kevin Hart

You may remember KOP’s brought up a Rolling Stone article last month titled. Want to Get on the Radio? Have $50,000? Payola At Radio Never Went Away, says New Report.  Well, the FCC and RIAA are checking out some new payola claims.

Billboard reports:

In an official letter sent Wednesday, FCC commissioner Mike O’Rielly asked the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to investigate allegations of payola in the music industry.

“To the extent that payola is currently occurring within the industry, I am writing to ask for your help in ensuring that the practice be discontinued,” the letter reads.

Payola — the practice of exchanging money or goods with radio stations to secure airplay for artists — was the subject of a Congressional investigation in 1960 that ended the career of iconic American disc jockey Alan Freed. Following the investigation, Congress amended the Federal Communications Act to require broadcasters “to disclose if airplay for a song has been purchased.”

Plus, KOP concludes his interview with Award-Winning Television Producer Harry Lowell-founder and Executive Producer of NiteLite Pictures and documentary and television producer Ari Wilhelm, the producer of the #WELAGENTE Documentary.


#WELAGENTE is a 5-minute documentary offering a non-political, positive, human look at real Hispanic immigration stories; putting a face to the diversity that adds to the fabric of America.

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How Paco Navarro and WKTU Changed the Face and Sound of Radio

More of KOP’s tribute to WKTU radio legend Paco Navarro, the legendary New York DJ who brought the sound of disco and dance music to a large loyal diverse listenership. 

KOP continues his conversation with veteran record producer, event promoter and radio programmer Eddie Mercado.

Paco Navarro


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DirecTV and Netflix Take a Dive; More with Actor, Author and Comedian Jason Stuart

Both DirecTV and Netflix take a dive as subscribers leave the satellite but not enough go digital.

DirecTV and Netflix

Netflix loses a billion dollars in a day, and DirecTV and AT&T lose about a million subscribers according to their quarterly reports.

Plus KOP analyzes how good is the chance “Old Town Road” can break the all-time Billboard Hot 100 record for the most weeks at number one.

Plus, more of KOPs chat with actor and comedian Jason Stuart, the author of Shut Up, I’m Talking: Coming Out in Hollywood and Making it to the Middle. Interview continues around the 12-minute mark.

Jason Stuart

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