FCC Fights Payola Problem at the Hands of Major Music Publishers

FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly has demanded that Sony, UMG and WMG answer new “pay to play” allegations. The Commissioner wrote about this the payola problem:

FCC Payola

 “While the [RIAA] response was appreciated, RIAA claimed that it was not in a position to survey its members’ anti-payola practices and submit responses collectively. Instead, it recommended that I reach out directly to each of you to gain insight into what processes your company has in place to ensure compliance with federal legal provisions. This letter is intended for that purpose.”

For O’Rielly, “Even the most cursory review of consumer complaints and assertions provides cause for concern regarding the persistence of payola. And, in recent months, some artists have responded forcefully against accusations of payola. which speaks to the seriousness of the issue. Yet, there is no shortage of accusations that financial enticement is in some cases driving chart rankings, album and song sales, and commercial success.”


Plus, KOP welcomes Entertainment & Culture Expert Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D.

Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D., MBA is a C-suite executive and management consultant, who has served as in-house communications counsel for more than 25 years in the media and digital technology industries at companies such as Condé Nast, Lionsgate, Discovery, Hasbro, CBS, and Viacom. She handles global brand reputation management, crisis communications and culture transformation.

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