About the Broadcasters Podcast

The Broadcasters Podcast talks about everything Media and Entertainment . We follow the digital disruption and its impact on movies, TV, Music and Radio and how corporate influence, PC Culture, and how other social and cultural obstacles help or hurt the creativity in all projects in front and behind the scenes.

The Broadcasters Podcast dives deep into the media industry headlines and dissects the digital disruption that diverges the masses into the new media counterculture and away from the media establishment.

Hosted by the @kingofpodcasts.

About the King of Podcasts:

I am a terrestrial and digital new media content creator with over 25 years of experience, as well as a highly-skilled digital marketing executive bringing an impeccable reputation, incomparable work ethic and an impressive index of over 20, 000 hours of on-air and on-demand digital content.

I currently manage day-to-day operations for WebmasterRadio.FM (the world’s largest internet marketing and business-to-business radio and podcast network) and CannabisRadio.com (the premier online/ podcast radio destination for all things cannabis).

I have worked for major broadcasting entities including iHeart Media (formerly Clear Channel Media and Entertainment), the Hearst Corporation and Cox Newspapers.

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