Rolling Stone Challenges Billboard For the Top of the Charts; Omar Akram’s Destiny

Rolling Stone Challenges Billboard For the Top of the Charts.

KOP discusses the interesting choice by the heritage rock magazine to challenge chart supremacy for the first time in over a decade.

Rolling Stone Billboard

What does it mean to be popular? That’s a question that music fans and music makers alike have asked for ages — but recently with more urgency than ever before, as listening patterns in the digital age shift and splinter. There are now dozens of ways to tally listeners’ music consumption, and streaming services have changed the game forever. And yet traditional once-a-week metrics remain relatively static. Today, we’re proud to introduce the Rolling Stone Charts, an interactive set of music charts that update on a daily basis and offer an impartial, in-depth and in-the-moment view of the biggest songs, albums and artists in music. -Rolling Stone Magazine- July 2nd, 2019.

Plus, KOP talks with Grammy Award-winning recording artist, composer, and pianist Omar Akram.
His new album, Destiny, drops on August 9th.

He became the first Afghan-American to win a Grammy award in 2013 with his fourth studio album, Echoes of Love. He is also an inspirational writer who contributes to The Huffington Post.

Omar’s piano-driven, instrumental music elegantly defies borders and has played a crucial role in defining modern New Age and World music. His songs have millions of plays on YouTube, and his first two albums, Opal Fire (2002) and Free As a Bird (2004), hit the Top 15 on Billboard’s New Age chart. In 2013, he became the first Afghan-American to win a Grammy Award with Echoes of Love. In 2013, he also released Daytime Dreamer, presenting an enchanting blend of World, New Age and electronic music that lures listeners with masterful musicianship and his well-traveled wisdom.

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