The Future of Digital Media and Journalism’s Journey Back to Credibility

More of KOP’s featured conversation on the future of digital media and journalism’s journey back to credibility with marketing and communications professional Nicole Jordan.

Nicole Jordan

KOP welcomes back marketing and communications professional Nicole Jordan, the founder of her own independent PR firm, Radix Collective.  We discuss several points made in a recent article in the Vassar Public Review, titled “The public is the enemy of good journalism”.

Plus, we discuss how her company, Radix Collective, will be hosting its third annual Independent PR Summit.

We give our thoughts on several points that the article points out including “how fewer and fewer people are turning to the mainstream media for their information, leading to a diminishing readership, and how “the media’s focus has narrowed to covering juicy stories that will draw as many clicks or eyeballs as possible, rather than stories of substance and import. “

In the headlines:

Writers vs. Agents: A Standoff Without a Script

Netflix finds another way to spend more money and add to their mounting debt.

Disney Decides to Drop Several Fox Movie Projects

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