Music Industry Mayhem in the Digital Revolution

The music industry is a mess over their work promoting artists and their battle for revelancy against the digital revolutionaries of Spotify, Apple, Pandora and others. KOP explains. Music’s Messy Digital Revolution 52,600 artists generated over $10k on Spotify last year – and 15,140 of them uploaded their own music – Music Business WorldwideContinue reading “Music Industry Mayhem in the Digital Revolution”

Media’s Fight For The New Music Spotlight

Its time to do another radio rant about the stagnation of hit music and new music being released. KOP break down the established corporate new music censorship. Daylight Savings Time Proposal Threatens To Cut Short Morning Drive For AM Radio. Do Fewer Radios In the Home Present a Problem For Broadcasters? Music IndustryContinue reading “Media’s Fight For The New Music Spotlight”

A Batman Blockbuster and a DCEU Movie Shuffle

The Batman breaks through 128 million domesically and over a quarter million worldwide. The DCEU decides to shuffle their release schedule of superhero flicks. KOP explains. ‘Aquaman 2’ Shifts to Spring 2023, ‘Shazam!’ Sequel Moves Up to December ‘The View’: Samuel L. Jackson Defends Superhero Movies From Director Critics: ‘Movies Are Movies’ DisneyContinue reading “A Batman Blockbuster and a DCEU Movie Shuffle”