Celebrity Crossfire in the Continuous Cancel Culture Circus

DaBaby becomes the latest consequence of the Celebrity Crossfire in the Continuous Cancel Culture Circus. KOP deep dives into the latest campaign to destroy a celebrity. The DaBaby Domino Effect: How Lollapalooza Became the Bellwether for Festivals to Follow https://variety.com/2021/music/news/dababy-lollapalooza-canceled-domino-effect-festivals-1235033991/ The Music Industry Is Holding DaBaby Accountable https://www.wpr.org/node/1831906 DaBaby-Featuring Remix of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” BeingContinue reading “Celebrity Crossfire in the Continuous Cancel Culture Circus”

New Media Evolution Elevates While Experts Excoriate

We look the rise of new media and the damage being done to the media establishment. Meanwhile, media is both praised and critivized by the experts. Ursula, Bugs Bunny, and Asami Sato. They are three of the 259 LGBTQ characters Insider found in cartoons. Queer culture has historically been present in this space. But, small-screenContinue reading “New Media Evolution Elevates While Experts Excoriate”