The Rise and Fall of FM Radio In America

FM Radio celebrates 60 years on the airwaves. How many more birthdays will it get to celebrate before streaming and podcasting render it extinct. KOP looks at the current state of radio. Happy 60th Birthday To FM Radio As The Country Opens Up, Radio Listening Is Returning To Pre-Pandemic Levels via @forbes RadioContinue reading “The Rise and Fall of FM Radio In America”

The Fall of Quibi and How Corporate Hollywood is In Crisis

Quibi will go quiet as the mobile streaming startup led by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, just six months after launching, and so goes nearly $2 billion in investment dollars. Quibi Sets Shutdown Date Inside Quibi’s Abrupt Shutdown: “This Is Not How They Wanted It to Go” Assessing Quibi Debacle: Financiers Second GuessContinue reading “The Fall of Quibi and How Corporate Hollywood is In Crisis”

Future for the Movieplex; Media Feels Some Furloughs; Podcasts Get a Push

Future for the movieplex is uncertain. Media workers feel the brunt of the virus with furloughs; Podcasts Get a Push as part of the coronavirus confinement. So does Netflix and traditional TV.