The Twitter Takeover and Another Corporate Media Conquest

KOP discusses the Twitter Takeover by new majority shareholder Elon Musk, plus the creation of another corporate media conquest to further consolidate and clear out any duplication due to the digital disruption. Elon Musk Launches $43 Billion Hostile Takeover Bid for Twitter Elon Musk Explains Why He Wants to Buy Twitter, Says He WantsContinue reading “The Twitter Takeover and Another Corporate Media Conquest”

How Podcasting Is Pulling In Potential Listeners and More Profit

All the major podcast players are positioning and pioneering the audio space to pull in more listeners and pull in more profit. KOP lays out the progress. How SiriusXM bought and bungled a beloved podcast network Want an idea of YouTube’s plans for podcasting? Take a look at its pitch deck. Podcasting is theContinue reading “How Podcasting Is Pulling In Potential Listeners and More Profit”

Music Industry Mayhem in the Digital Revolution

The music industry is a mess over their work promoting artists and their battle for revelancy against the digital revolutionaries of Spotify, Apple, Pandora and others. KOP explains. Music’s Messy Digital Revolution 52,600 artists generated over $10k on Spotify last year – and 15,140 of them uploaded their own music – Music Business WorldwideContinue reading “Music Industry Mayhem in the Digital Revolution”