The Howard Stern and Joe Rogan Radio Rumble

Howard Stern and Joe Rogan are at odds over comments made by the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” about Joe Rogan’s Covid Recovery and the issue of vaccinations overall. KOP looks into the ugly mess over the leaders in radio and podcasting. Howard Stern’s listeners and Joe Rogan’s fans are feuding on social media, andContinue reading “The Howard Stern and Joe Rogan Radio Rumble”

Hollywood is Crumbling Thanks to Covid

Hollywood is Crumbling thanks to Covid due to a series of epic events affecting the Hollywood establishment. Walmart to buy TikTok with Microsoft? UCLA Department Of Film, TV & Digital Media Gets Poor Grade In Academic Senate Review The Great Agency Exodus: Top Reps Flee the Majors As Management Civil War Looms reading “Hollywood is Crumbling Thanks to Covid”