IATSE Sets a Countdown to The Hollywood Studio Shutdown

The Wrap reports “If a deal isn’t reached on a new bargaining agreement by Sunday evening at midnight, IATSE will begin its first-ever Hollywood strike, shutting down almost every film and TV project currently shooting or in postproduction.” IATSE Tells Members “Assume There Will Be A Strike”; Union Prepares Latest Contact Proposal For AMPTP AsContinue reading “IATSE Sets a Countdown to The Hollywood Studio Shutdown”

Dave Chappelle and why DGAF Closes Down Cancel Culture

Dave Chappelle’s final Netflix comedy special “The Closer” has lit the torches of Cancel Culture. KOP discusses how the concept of DGAF is ultimately the kryptonite of cancel culture and how more public figures are caring less. Critics call to cancel Dave Chappelle, Netflix for ‘ridiculing trans people’ https://nypost.com/2021/10/07/critics-blast-dave-chappelle-netflix-for-ridiculing-trans-people/ Dave Chappelle’s Endless Feedback Loophttps://www.vulture.com/amp/article/dave-chappelle-the-closer-comedy-review.html WhatContinue reading “Dave Chappelle and why DGAF Closes Down Cancel Culture”

October Optimism For a Big Box Office Comeback

James Bond, A Young Tony Soprano, A Classic 80’s Retelling and a Horror Classic lead the October Box Office to what KOP feels will ensure a big box office comeback. Box Office Recovery Is on the Upswing and James Bond Will Take It Even Higher https://www.indiewire.com/2021/09/box-office-recovery-james-bond-venom-1234666535/ via @indiewire TikTok is evolving into a very differentContinue reading “October Optimism For a Big Box Office Comeback”