A recent guest column in Billboard calls for “all music industry professionals to reflect on the ways in which our industry has perpetuated a system that benefits a select few at the expense of marginalized communities.” KOP looks back at the music crossover used to serve that purpose.

Why the Music Industry Must Embrace Meritocracy for True Diversity, Inclusion (Guest Column) https://www.billboard.com/pro/music-industry-meritocracy-bipoc-diversity-dei-janishia-jones-guest-column/

Analysis of Billboard Hot 100 Hits Through Time

With Sped-Up Songs Taking Over, Artists Feel the Need for Speed https://www.billboard.com/pro/sped-up-songs-taking-over-labels-tiktok/

Why is Spotify pursuing a new design that borrows heavily from time-sucking short-form video services like TikTok? https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/podcast/why-spotify-copying-tiktok-to-cling-on-to-power/

TikTok in talks with potential buyers as US presses for ban, sources say:
The US government has reportedly told ByteDance-owned TikTok that it faces a potential ban in the US unless the app’s Chinese owners divest their stakes in the company.

Content creators say they struggle to keep up with their audiences as social media platforms evolve

Podcasters weigh the cost-benefit of producing video podcasts

Bally Sports Just Declared Bankruptcy – The Death of RSNs?

How podcasters use ChatGPT and other AI tools in their workflows — and what listeners think the rules should be https://www.businessinsider.com/how-podcasters-podcast-use-chatgpt-other-ai-tools-ethics-2023-3

Nielsen: AM/FM Ratings Overtake TV For First Time https://radioink.com/2023/03/13/nielsen-am-fm-ratings-overtake-tv-for-first-time/

Fire Your Consultant (And Hire ChatFNJ For Your Radio Station) – https://jacobsmedia.com/?p=71724

Country vs. CHR: It Starts with The Chart https://radioinsight.com/blogs/249637/country-vs-chr-it-starts-with-the-chart/

Spotify Has Paid Out $40 Billion to the Music Industry – So Why Is No One Happy? | PRO Insight https://www.thewrap.com/spotify-40-billion-music-business-model/

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