Spotify has unveiled a series of new podcasts, partnerships and features as part of its effort to dominate in all things audio. Meanwhile, radio faces a new reality with AI and the domination of streaming.

Spotify charts podcasting future after controversies, challenges and shakeups

Replacing Humans “Is the Furthest Thing From Our Mindset,” Says the Company Selling an A.I. Radio Host

Who Needs A Satellite? SiriusXM Is Charting A Path To Be A Bigger Digital Audio Player.

Infinite Dial Exposed More Realities Concerning Radio

It Takes a Lot of People to Create All This AI Music
Creators are embracing artificial intelligence to pump out tracks; these tech companies make sure it’s not just a “bunch of nonsense.”

Apple Veteran Larry Jackson Launches Gamma, Bringing ‘Unprecedented’ Private Equity to Frontline Music Business

ESPN wants to be the hub of all live sports streaming — even if it helps its competition
ESPN has talked with major sports leagues and media partners about launching a feature that would link users directly to where a live sporting event is streaming, sources said.
The actual media partners haven’t yet been determined, and there’s no timeline on when a feature would launch. It could involve global streaming services and direct-to-consumer regional sports network products, and would aim to make ESPN the TV guide of live sports.

Movie theaters aren’t dying — they’re evolving

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