On the eve of National Cinema Day and a quiet Labor Day Weekend for the movies KOP looks at why the movie releases are coming in sluggish. Plus, music labels look forward to making more money from the streamers and eventually the radio stations.

How to Fix Movie Theaters’ Supply Problem https://variety.com/vip/fixing-movie-theaters-supply-problem-1235346151/

Without Any New Major Releases, Will ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Return to No. 1 at Box Office? https://variety.com/2022/film/news/spider-man-box-office-re-release-1235354411/

From ‘Batgirl’ Fallout to Rebooting ‘Superman’: All the Landmines Facing the Next DC Chief https://variety.com/2022/film/news/batgirl-ezra-miller-superman-next-dc-head-warner-bros-discovery-1235353666/

Spotify, Apple and Other Streamers Set Royalty Rates With Music Publishers Through 2027 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/digital/spotify-apple-streamers-royalty-rates-music-publishers-1235209793/

Broadcasters Hit Milestone In Battle Against Royalty, But Music Industry Vows To Fight On. https://www.insideradio.com/free/broadcasters-hit-milestone-in-battle-against-royalty-but-music-industry-vows-to-fight-on/article_07072504-27a3-11ed-bc81-d7c0dd53f60f.html

Majority of House Co-sponsoring Local Radio Freedom Act

NAB Claims Milestone Support for Local Radio Freedom Act https://mediaconfidential.blogspot.com/2022/08/nab-claims-milestone-support-for-local.html

Radio is the real media unicorn, says iHeartMedia’s Bob Pittman https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2022/08/19/radio-the-real-media-unicorn-says-mtv-co-founder-bob-pittman

Listeners Reveal The Plusses And Minuses Of Podcast Listening. https://www.insideradio.com/free/listeners-reveal-the-plusses-and-minuses-of-podcast-listening/article_c5c483e6-2768-11ed-ac3c-4305bfc8b87b.html

Podcasting’s Next Frontier? Reaching ‘The Next Billion Listeners.’ https://www.insideradio.com/free/podcastings-next-frontier-reaching-the-next-billion-listeners/article_509da048-2768-11ed-b0ff-bf35bdcfbba0.html

Spotify is increasingly eyeing YouTube as its biggest threat in podcasting after the video platform became a podcasting juggernaut without even trying https://www.businessinsider.com/how-youtube-became-a-podcasting-powerhouse-without-trying-2022-8

Audioburst Debuts Feature That Will Sell Podcasts And Radio Content As NFTs. https://www.insideradio.com/free/audioburst-debuts-feature-that-will-sell-podcasts-and-radio-content-as-nfts/article_9f416746-22a6-11ed-8ed6-0f379f098022.html

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