How Streaming and Movie Soundtracks Give Legacy Artists a Chart Resurgence

Stranger Things did for Kate Bush and Metallica what Thor: Love and Thunder did for Guns and Roses. KOP looks at the trend and the viral probability going forward.

Want a Kate Bush Moment For Your Song? Here’s the Recipe

Guns N’ Roses Rocked Song Charts – Is It Because of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?–-thor-love-thunder.htm

Trending Up: ‘Thor’ Looks Less Than Mighty With Guns N’ Roses Synchs, Ruth B’s ‘Dandelions’ Grows & A Surprise ‘Minions’ Breakout Hit

TV rewatch podcasts are a ‘push towards nostalgia’, iHeartMedia CEO says

Here’s Where The Big Money Is Going In This Year’s Mid-Term Elections.

Nearly a third of new subscribers to news publications cancel in the first 24 hours via @NiemanLab

Analysis | Let’s look at trust in the news media and ‘equal’ coverage

ESPN Chief Says Traditional Cable Network Will Remain Despite Direct-to-Consumer Trend

TikTok to Add Content Ratings on Videos With ‘Overtly Mature Themes’

Nielsen: Streaming Accounts for More Than One-Third of TV Viewing

How Many Podcast Listeners Also Tune To Radio? New Survey Says Most Do.

The End of Ownership: Why the Battle Over Paying TV Creatives Is Only Getting Crazier

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