New Media Evolution Elevates While Experts Excoriate

We look the rise of new media and the damage being done to the media establishment. Meanwhile, media is both praised and critivized by the experts.

Ursula, Bugs Bunny, and Asami Sato. They are three of the 259 LGBTQ characters Insider found in cartoons.

Queer culture has historically been present in this space. But, small-screen LGBTQ representation both exploded and shifted over the past decade.

Media industry braces for post-pandemic reality

3 Digital Trends Transforming the Media and Entertainment Industry-The media and entertainment industry is…#cioreview via @cioreview

Short Video and “We-Media” Industry Castigated by Mainstream Platform Officials at Internet Convention

Media & Entertainment CEO Salaries Flourished In Pandemic 2020 As Industry Cratered

Analysis: Media industry still beset by sexism

Cable TV is dying, and the industry only has itself to blame

MoviePass was even shadier than we thought

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I am a terrestrial and digital new media content creator with over 20 years of experience, as well as a highly skilled digital marketing executive who brings a an impeccable reputation, incomparable work ethic and an impressive index of over 50, 000 hours of on-air and on-demand digital content. I currently manage day-today operations for NewGen Broadcasting LLC, the parent company of WebmasterRadio.FM (the world's largest internet marketing and business-to-business radio and podcast network) and, the worlds largest cannabis radio and podcast network. I have worked for major broadcasting entities including iHeart Media and Entertainment, the Hearst Corporation and Cox Newspapers. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Florida Atlantic University in 1998.

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