Joker a Box Office Juggernaut; How London is the Mecca for Music

Joker is a box office juggernaut for $96 million domestically and a quarter billion globally this week. Plus,”How London is the Mecca for Music”.

  • Joker becomes a Box Office Juggernaut as it made an estimated $93.5 million in its first three days (and more than $234 million worldwide). That beats the previous record-holder, last year’s Venom. Joker beats the $93.8 million earned by Justice League in November 2017. Joker was made with an estimated $55 million budget compared to Venom ($100 million) and Justice League ($300 million.) Joker became the fourth largest opening ever for an R-rated movie.
  • Masters of the Universe and its Studio Dilemma: Risk a Box Office Flop, or Sell to Netflix?
  • The women of Marvel have spoken: according to Brie Larson, they’ve asked studio head Kevin Feige to add an all-female feature film to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
James Dyble

KOP speaks about “How London is the Mecca for Music” with James Dyble, managing director of London music company Global Sound Group, a music and sound company specialising in music public relations, audio mastering and music production. Global Sound Group is a London based music and sound company specialising in music promotion. Some of your services include Outsourcer which allows users to work with the world’s best freelance professionals. GSGM is the media side of Global Sound Group and provides the global music community with the latest music news, reviews and exclusive interviews with some of the worlds best musicians.

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