The State of Digital Media and The Survival of Journalism

KOP discusses the issues affecting the state of digital media and the overall survival of journalism with marketing and communications professional Nicole Jordan.

Nicole Jordan

Nicole started her career in Silicon Valley during the tech boom, where she worked on launching and maintaining marketing programs for companies that play in the space where digital media, the web, and consumer products converge. Some of those companies have included Apple,, HP, DeviantArt, and the Rubicon Project which is when I met Nicole at an AdTech conference in 2009.

She’s spent over a decade working at top-tier PR agencies, running her own consultancy, overseeing marketing and communications program from the inside, and now leading the charge for clients at her independent PR firm, Radix Collective.

Plus, Digital Streaming and Network TV fight for talent for their TV pilots. Why Netflix May Actually Benefit From Disney+ and Other Streaming Entrants. Also, Old Media Flexes Library Muscle For Streaming Platform Launches With Off-Network Comedies.

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