Pop Culture, Social Media and the Next Generation of Media with @aselepak

Pop Culture, Social Media and the Next Generation of Media as KOP speaks with Andrew Selepak, PhD (@aselepak) a University of Florida communications professor who is the director of a graduate program in social media.


We discuss the influence of social media and today’s pop culture on students in general and how he talks about those subjects with his classes, plus we learn about Andrew’s experience in corporate radio.

Plus, Black Panther pounces past half a billion dollars and we get a KOP review, the music industry faces its own #MeToo crisis, how record labels and musicians are tackling digital streaming and the back door method to film financing.

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Published by King Of Podcasts

I am a terrestrial and digital new media content creator with over 20 years of experience, as well as a highly skilled digital marketing executive who brings a an impeccable reputation, incomparable work ethic and an impressive index of over 50, 000 hours of on-air and on-demand digital content. I currently manage day-today operations for NewGen Broadcasting LLC, the parent company of WebmasterRadio.FM (the world's largest internet marketing and business-to-business radio and podcast network) and CannabisRadio.com, the worlds largest cannabis radio and podcast network. I have worked for major broadcasting entities including iHeart Media and Entertainment, the Hearst Corporation and Cox Newspapers. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Florida Atlantic University in 1998.

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